About Seamless Three-dimensional Washi

The technique to produce 'seamless three-dimensional washi' is the world's first innovative process defying the common wisdom.

The finished product, being so smooth and seamless, has drastically changed our recognition of washi paper as being "flat."

With homogeneous texture and free gentle curve, it illuminates the space gently and beautifully.

Trying to redefine the image of washi and to find the right balance between tradition and innovation, Taniguchi Washi will continue generating new ideas.

Seamless Three-dimensional Washi - Photo1 Seamless Three-dimensional Washi - Photo2 Seamless Three-dimensional Washi - Photo3

Features of Seamless Three-dimensional Washi

Seamless Spherical PaperSeamless Spherical Paper - Photo2Seamless Spherical Paper - Photo1
The texture of washi combined with a smooth, flowing shape balances light and shadow to softly illuminate any space.
Seamless Semi-spherical PaperSeamless Semi-spherical Paper - Photo2Seamless Semi-spherical Paper - Photo1
Light shining through curved surface of washi is warm and soft. Accommodating various sizes.
Cylindrical PaperCylindrical Paper - Photo2Cylindrical Paper - Photo1
Seamless expression of a paper rolled up into a tube. The plant fibers of kozo twisted around these seamless cylindrical washi is also favored in commercial space.

Other 3D Mold-made washi

Another method (other than the seamless three-dimensional papermaking technique) is used to produce following items. Products are given natural and delicate expression.

Three-dimensional mold-made washiThree-dimensional mold-made washi - Photo2Three-dimensional mold-made washi - Photo1
The product is made, by attaching wet kozo mixture to the balloon-shaped mold and drying it out. It has a distinctive impression as the fibers come out unevenly.
Winded KozoWinded Kozo - Photo2Winded Kozo - Photo1
String of dyed kozo winded randomly on a mold. It gives modern, and somewhat vivid impression.