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We continue our challenges by focusing on the theme of "washi to fit a modern lifestyle."
Washi is the name of Japanese paper made by traditional methods.
The versatile, natural eco-friendly material will soothe and enrich human lives.

Company Name Taniguchi Aoya Washi Co., Ltd.
Business Manufacturing of washi (Japanese paper) and related products
  3D washi
Headquarter & Factory 358-1 Kawara, Aoya-cho, Tottori City, Tottori Pref., 689-0515 JAPAN
TEL +81-857-86-0116
FAX +81-857-86-0117
Foundation Feb, 2013
Employee 12 (as of April, 2013)
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Taniguchi Washi Co., Ltd.

Company History

1924 Tatsuzo Taniguchi started manufacturing hand-made washi
1948 Kazuo Taniguchi started wholesaling materials for washi
1973 Hirofumi Taniguchi took over the factory shop, and expanded its business as manufacturer/wholesaler of Inshu washi and related products.
1977 Reorganized "Taniguchi Shoten," and established Taniguchi Washi Co., Ltd.
1989 Embarked on research and development of seamless three-dimensional paper.
1994 Established Aoya Washi Co., Ltd. to transfer R&D and manufacturing sector.
Started engaging in collaborative study of producing spherical washi with Industrial Technology Center of Tottori prefecture.
1995 With the guidance of Industrial Technology Center of Tottori prefecture, embarked on research and development of globe-shaped washi as project subserved by the government.
Developed world's first production system of seamless three-dimensional paper (spherical washi).

Activities & Awards

1983 International Paper Conference was held in Kyoto Japan.
Paper Academy was formed (Currently, participating as a Board Member)
1985 Launched a new brand KAMIZA, and expanded its market to major metropolitan areas.
1989 Embarked on research and development of seamless three-dimensional paper.
Released semi-spherical lampshade the following year.
1995 Held an exhibition "Earth Paper" at AXIS Gallery in Roppongi, Tokyo.
2001 Developed world's first production system for spherical washi.
2002 Exhibited spherical lampshade at an exhibition "JAPAN SHOP."
2003 Displayed various spherical lampshades at an exhibition "MADE IN TOTTORI" at Living Design Center OZONE in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
2004 Our seamless three-dimensional products won the Incentive Award at IPEC 2004.
2005 Introduced collaborative lampshades with Toshiyuki Kita at an exhibition "Interiorlifestyle."
Selected to be displayed at Designers' Showcase in IPEC21.
Fully spherical washi paper lampshade received Japan's Good Design Award and special design award run by the Japanese government.
2006 Exhibited in Machef held at Milan, Italy.
2007 Collaborative study with Tottori Univ. was certified as the project in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)'s Project Plan to utilize local resource industries.
Launched "INABA SHIKIRI" series via Japan Brand Project by METI.
Selected as one of METI's "Top-300 Creative Small/Medium Manufacturing Companies."
2007 Won a special award of Japan's Manufacturer Award by the minister of METI.
2007 Selected for the 2007 Japanesque Modern Collection to be exhibited inside Hyokeikan building at the Tokyo National Museum.
2008 Exhibited in AMBIENTE inside a project by METI.
Exhibited in IFFT 2008 inside "sozo_comm" Project by METI, also in JAPANTEX 2008.
2009 Selected in "Kansei Value Creation Museum" and displayed in Kobe/NY.
Kansei* value products: products that appeal to people's kansei [sensitivity]
Spherical lampshades selected by JETRO and were introduced in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2010 Being selected for"Kansei Design Showcase" and displayed in Kanazawa and Hong Kong.
Participated in Business Fair (by METI) in Paris, France.